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VC Kilo Pilo

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18x18 inches - 100% polyester - Fabric weight: 6.13 oz/yd² (208 g/m²) - Soft, durable and suitable for fine print - Printed, cut, and hand-sewn by our in-house team - Double sided print - Zipper - Machine washable - Pillow insert included (handwash only) - Resilient polyester filling retains shape

**The Village Clothing Company DOES NOT condone illegal drug use, abuse, selling, manufacturing or distribution. This is a novelty item to be used as a prop and/or decoration.

The irony of the "VC Pilo" is the idea that individuals will risk their safety, freedom and even their lives in an effort to provide comfort for their family and the people they love. Do whatever's necessary to make sure your family can rest easy, but there's just remember... Don't be stupid and don’t get caught! Just relax. Be cool, and wait on this VC package to come safely in the mail.